How to order the Velo Atlanta Kit:



Step 1: Go to and look for the R1C kit image on the left hand side, click on the image to start your order



Step 2: On the order screen click "SIGN IN". (See dialog box)



Step 3: On the Login/Sign up screen you can either login with your existing account or Sign up and create a new one. (See dialog box)



Step 4: Once you login to the order screen, hit the black drop down arrow for Cycling > Cycling Tops then click the item type you want to order below. In

the example below the options are Jersey, Vest & Jackets.(See dialog box)


Step 5: In the Product dialog box, select a product design type. In the example below, the Apex Aero Jersey was selected. (See dialog box)





Step 6 : In the Proof dialog box, select a proof type. In the example below, since a jersey is being ordered, the jersey proof was selected. (See dialog box)



Step 7 : In the Category dialog box, select your cut, select your size and quantity, then click "Add to Cart". (See dialog box)



Step 8: In the Champion System dialog box, select "Continue Shopping" or "Review/Checkout". If select "Continue Shopping" you will repeat the

process above starting with STEP 4. If you select "Review/Checkout" you get the dialog box in Step 9. (See dialog box)



 Step 9: In the Shopping Cart dialog box, review and confirm your selections and Update Quantity/Price, Continue Shopping or Checkout. (See dialog box)

Please note, orders not paid in full by the close date will not ship.




***Note: You must “check out” when you are finished ordering or your order will remain in a Saved status for you to review, update or checkout at a later date. Any orders in a Saved status and not Paid In Full after the order window is closed will not be Shipped.