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Make Every Ride Enjoyable! 

Being prepared will help you enjoy the


Traffic laws—You must obey all traffic laws on Velo Atlanta rides. 


Helmets—You must wear a properly fastened ANSI or Snell-approved helmet on all Velo Atlanta rides.  


Bicycle—Your bicycle should be in good mechanical condition.   


Clothing—Wear clothing suitable for the day's weather conditions. Cycling shorts or tights, long sleeve jerseys and cycling gloves will help you stay relaxed during the ride. 


Water—Drink plenty of water before the ride. Bring water with you on the ride and drink lots of water during the ride.       


Food—Bring energy foods and dried fruit with you on the ride.  


Tools—Carry at least two tire levers, a spare tube, a patch kit, and a pump.  


Arrive early—Arrive early to allow time to get you and your bike ready. Ride start times are departure times not arrival times.


Riding to far right can be a hazard.


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