Velo Atlanta Officer/Board Meeting – Minutes

September 22nd, 2018 6pm

Standards & Development of SOP / Officers Roles & Responsibilities

·         SOP for Rescue 1 is priority and should be created prior to creation of SOP for Velo  Atlanta (needs to start taking shape ASAP)

·         Further discussions needed to tighten focus on depth and scope of officer roles & responsibilities

Rescue 1 2019 / Planning Start Date

·         Ad hoc meetings to address special circumstances related to Rescue 1, prior to our weekly scheduled planning  meetings, to include but not limited to:

1.       Status of rest stop 1 land use and solidify a plan B (possible donation to current owner?)

2.       Further discussion on adding a 5k run to celebrate  commemorative 5yr anniversary of Rescue 1)

3.       Medals for riders who complete the century

4.       Banner backdrop for pictures afterward

Rescue 1 Areas of Improvement

·         Increase distance of the road markings for turn by turn (from 25ft to 50ft apart)

·         Possible use of pre-alert signs in fast paced stretches (ex: “Upcoming Road markings”)

·         Club members who volunteer cannot ride the ride during the event

·         Non-member volunteers can ride by volunteering in areas where their duties will end early (ie parking/registration & post meal set up)

Club Calendar of Events: Cycling and Social

·         Aaron Hill has agreed to create a communication committee to that will create and facilitate a 2019 pre-scheduled calendar for: EXCOM quarterly’s meetings / club member meetings / social events (cookouts/bowling/skating/trip to Helen for zipline??)

 Club Communication Improvement / Membership Motivation

·         Hold a targeted communication meeting to discuss ways to increase member turnout (rides/meetings etc)

·         Facebook Live as a potential vehicle for communication for max efficiency

·         Social Events could strategically serve as a platform to have structured Q & A sessions to illicit member feedback on a range of topics

Event Sponsorship

·         Possible partnership with Police Union to have their name stamped in front of ‘Rescue 1’ (common agenda/goal that ties into the Rescue 1 theme)

Race Sponsorship

·         Race participants representing the Velo Atlanta brand must be paid members (not honorary)

·         Pre-set amount determined allocated toward race fees or,

·         Set dollar amount to be allocated equally across each team member or,

·         Pay for certain number of races

·         What’s the best approach? Tri athlete’s race fees considerably more expensive then crit/road race race fees, so how do ensure fair and balanced fiscal support?

·         Cost analysisto determine feasibility of a race sponsorship program in the short term

·         Race Kits: subsidized or free?

T – Shirts

·         Dri fit is the preferred material - unanamous

·         Shirts will be provided to new and renewing members moving forward

·         T-shirts ordered in advance so Velo member volunteers can wear them during Rescue 1

·         Dues increase of $5 to absorb costs

·         Dorron/Que/Kevin to develop new design (tight timeline for 2019)

New Platform for Accepting Dues

·         No more cash in hand transactions

·         All monies paid to club president via ‘Cash App’

Donations vs Fundraising

·         Need input/feedback

Holiday Meeting Party

·         November  17, 2018

·         More info needed to push out to members

Website Status

·         Need input/feedback

Social Circle HS Scholarship

·         Present check to the celebrated indivual (Velo and Sponsor to present)

·         Additional input /feedback

Election of Officers for 2019

·         Need input/feedback

Develop PR Committee

·         TBD