Introduction of new officers- Dorron

2.     Bylaw updates, vote for approval- Dorron

a.     Article 2-Change founding date to 2011. (APPROVED)

b.     Membership- Include Junior Membership of Age 18 to 14thbirthdate, after 18th birthday minor can become regular member. (APPROVED)

c.      Timothy will develop a code of conduct. (APPROVED)

d.     Elections of Officers-Nominations of officers will be conducted via internet/e-mail rather than the floor. (APPROVED)

e.     If officers for misses 6 rides out of the riding season then the officer can be dismissed from office. A member or officer can be dismissed from the club if behavior is extreme by two-thirds votes of club. If officer has an acceptable reason for missing rides, then allowances will be made. (APPROVED)

f.      Change requirements to reflect that an individual can become an officer if they participate in at least 50% of rides during a single season.(APPROVED)

g.     Chrisí wife will do bookkeeping.(APPROVED)

h.     Signatories-President, V.P., Treasurer.†† (APPROVED)

i.       Get rid of Trainer position and create members at large position. (APPROVED)

j.       Charter Revision-Members shall have the opportunity to vote in absentee by internet. (APPROVED)

3.     Finance update- Natalie

4.     Membership update- Natalie

5.     Kit update-

a.     Pink kits are currently in production

6.     Sleeping bag ride- Natalie

a.     Date: September 26

b.     Recruit volunteers

c.      Promotion

d.     Sponsorships

7.     Veloship-

a.     After the May 2nd ride

8.     Upcoming rides

a.     BRAG Spring Tune-Up

b.     Beautiful Backroads Century

c.      BRAG

d.     Tour de Tifton

e.     Covington Century

f.      Tony Serano Ride

g.††† Velo Sleeping Bag Ride†††††

9.     Website update

10. Other activities         

a.     Working on membership benefits

                                               i.     Bike gear/products/apparel

                                              ii.     Bike service

                                            iii.     Cyclist focused stretching/yoga and power

                                            iv.     Nutrition- Sylvia will provide before regular rides and will conduct a few clinics throughout the year.