March 2nd, 2012


From the desk of our VP Mike Davis:


Whatís Up Velo,


Iím really excited about whatís happening with Velo and how we are moving forward.


Yesterday the Velo Leadership team had a great meeting with the management of Aztec Cycles Inc, a new and growing bicycle shop in Stone Mountain. In an afford to grow as a cycling club and also establish a relationship in the cycling community, Velo Atlanta Cycling Club is looking to team up with Aztec Cycles Inc, to promote some cycling rides and activities.


To get the ball rolling we need to put the Velo Atlanta faces out into the community.


All members that purchased a Velo kit let it be known that we are in the process of scheduling a date to take a group and individual pictures as soon as possible. The photos will be used to help with the promotion and presentations of Velo Atlanta Cycling Club.


We know that scheduling a date will be difficult, and we are asking everyone for a little flexibility in making this task a successful one. You will be contacted as to the date of the photo shoot soon.


Be Blessed


Velo VP Michael K. Davis